RT @coda: “Programmer” conflates means with purpose. “Developer” suggests the research has already been done. “Engineer” implies methodology.

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RT @NiemanLab: Almost 40 percent of the total digital newspaper audience in the U.S. is mobile-only nie.mn/1Gr0vtO

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Passed this on a monitor at 30 Rock yesterday. #LLAP http://t.co/BHi8AOXMR8


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Blizzard wasn’t as bad as expected. Great. Now what are we going to do with all this milk and bread?

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SkyMall files for bankruptcy? Guess I am never going to get that Sasquatch statue after all. vogue.cm/1zjN4cR http://t.co/9PUoDTatWn


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Responsive Images: The Ultimate Guide flip.it/NEGnO

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