RT @xjmdrupal: !!! Only FOUR #Drupal 8 criticals. http://t.co/zR2PZemIfb


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You can teach someone new skills, but you can’t teach them to have a personality or passion. linkedin.com/pulse/how-i-hi…

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NBCUniversal invests big in Vox Media… The deal is an example of old and new media making nice… buff.ly/1L75Jhl

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The PGA Tour Gets Its First Over-The-Top Subscription Service flip.it/Z9siq

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“It’s sad, but true: news is entertainment — especially to millennials — and if you buck this trend you lose.” calacanis.com/2015/07/01/cir…

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Amazing that even in this era of 4K video, multimedia, and interactivity, a photograph can still garner so much attention.

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