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Updated to WordPress 3.7.1

Updated to WordPress 3.7.1… Haven’t blogged in a long long while. Need to update the WordPress iOS app and get up to date on the integration there…

WordPress 3.2 Beta

Love the new full screen editor… So refreshing to create content on a blank screen…

Also now using the new Twenty Eleven theme on this blog. Not so sure about that. The giant header image doesn’t really do it for me.

Read more about the beta features here.

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ProFounder Launches To Help Small Businesses Crowdsource Fundraising

ProFounder Launches To Help Small Businesses Crowdsource Fundraising: “ProFounder, which has been in private beta for the past year, offers entrepreneurs two ways to raise money on the site: through a private fundraising round, and/or a public fundraising round. The private fundraising rounds allow entrepreneurs to share a percentage of their revenues with investors (their friends, family, and community) over time. Essentially, this type of fundraising round is an offering of securities, and ProFounder helps facilitate compliance with state and federal laws related to this offering.

Public fundraising rounds allow entrepreneurs to share a percentage of revenues with both investors (anyone can participate – friends, family, community, and general public too) as well as a nonprofit organization. For both public and private fundraising rounds, ProFounder has a limit of $1 million raised.”

(Via TechCrunch.)

Fascinating idea…

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Squarespace takes funding according to Gigaom

Via GigaomSquarespace Gets $38M to Compete With WordPress and Six Apart: Squarespace, a hosted content service that competes with companies such as WordPress (see disclosure below) has closed a $38-million financing round from two leading technology VCs — Accel Partners and Index Ventures — that will give the seven-year-old company a significant warchest and some substantial backing in the battle for digital-publishing market share.

Best quote:

…the idea that a major media entity can be published using the same tools that bloggers use (the site is based on Moveable Type from Six Apart), and that blog software can be a competitor for the expensive and time-consuming content-management systems that are used by many traditional media outlets — some of which use WordPress and other tools to publish their blogs, but few of which have moved to using such tools for their entire websites.

Wishing them success. I’ve never used the tool but its users are enthusiastic.

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