What is an iPodder?

What is an iPodder? Dave Winer asks you to tell him… He thinks it works like this:

  1. There’s a list of feeds the user is subscribed to, just like a feed reader or aggregator.
  2. Periodically the iPodder reads the feeds, looks for items with enclosures that it hasn’t seen. Each such enclosure is added to a queue.
  3. Another thread watches the queue, if it’s empty it goes back to sleep; if there’s something on it, it reads the first one.
  4. When an enclosure is successfully read, it’s saved in a folder (user-configurable) and an Apple Event (on the Mac) or a COM message (Windows) is sent to iTunes telling it to add the file to the library.
  5. The iPodder tell iTunes to synch with the iPod.