The RSS Enclosure Exposure

Sean Michael Kerner writes about RSS enclosures in The RSS Enclosure Exposure for

The RSS syndication format has spread like wildfire through the Internet, permeating most news sites and virtually all blogs. Now there’s a new aspect of RSS ready to enjoy the same popularity. Called RSS enclosures, they’re the next step in the RSS revolution and hold great potential.

BlogHarbor spokesman John Keegan had some things to say in the article. That guy is clued in.

Update 11/12/2004 – Noted this elsewhere but I thought it bears repeating: BlogHarbor supports not only enclosures in the main RSS newsfeed and in each category newsfeed, but Photo Albums as well have their own RSS feed which contains enclosures. You can use iPodder software to monitor a BlogHarbor Photo Album and automatically receive images as a blog is updated, making it possible to keep your iPhoto library automatically populated with images from your friends and family…