iDive updated

Idiveicon100iDive is a Mac OS X application for managing your digital video, that I wrote about previously. The kind folks at Aquafadas Software just wrote to let me know there’s a new version 1.2 out. New features include:

  • new support for the capture of DV footage from the camera
  • new compression capabilities for the captured footage using any of the installed Quicktime codecs.
  • new clip splitting functionality, both on sampled clips or clips with associated footage.
  • support for the display of footage/samples/thumbnails with 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • seamless integration with iMovie, Final Cut Express/Pro through the ability to drag and drop clips from the catalog into the editing application itself.
  • ability to edit clip dates and aspect ratio
  • many UI enhancements, in particular when navigating, changing views, changing sort orders,….
  • …and a new icon by Bryan Bell
  • FYI, Bryan Bell also designed our BlogHarbor logo.