Linux on iPods

Linux On Ipod1 Guess I shouldn’t be surprised; maybe suprised that we haven’t seen it sooner. From the iPodLinux Project:

So far, we have successfully ported a customized uClinux ( kernel to the iPod, and written a simple user interface for it dubbed podzilla. Many additional Applications have been written, adding many capabilities not found in Apple’s firmware.

Our bootloader allows for you to choose between either iPodLinux or Apple’s firmware each time you turn on your iPod. iPodLinux is currently safe to install on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation iPods. We are currently accepting Donations towards the purchase of a fourth generation iPod for us to test with. Fourth generation iPods including the click wheel, mini, U2, and Photo are NOT currently supported.

A dual boot Linux iPod… Now when your buddy starts showing off his iPod Photo, you can boot up your 2G iPod with Linux and say, Yeah, but yours doesn’t run Linux does it?