Email is where documents go to die

Why blogging matters to your business and your IT is an interesting article by ZDNet’s David Berlind. The article is based on an interview between the reporter and UserLand Software CEO Scott Young. They talk a lot about how much knowledge and value is lost in the corporation by an overemphasis on email:

How many of the e-mails you publish should be stuck in e-mail? How many times have you caught yourself deliberating over who should see it and who shouldn’t? Why should that be the burden of people who are creating valuable information? The burden to get a report done or to summarize a meeting, or to register your thoughts within a collaborative environment before the project moves on to the next milestone is absolutely the burden of the publisher. But when merged with the notion of subscribing, there’s no reason that the people can’t bear the burden of tuning in themselves. Call it good listening skills. Not only that, it creates an environment where people that you never envisioned tuning in start to tune in, which leads to more knowledge sharing and, hopefully, more informed decision-making.

A very good summary of the benefits to business of adding blogs to their workflows. There’s even a podcast – an MP3 of the actual interview, and the article itself gives the timecodes of the podcast so you can easily move to a section of interest. Very well done. (The subject of this post is from a quote in the article. Great line, wish I could take credit for it.)