The piracy opportunity according to Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban throws out so many multimillion dollar business ideas on his blog that the VCs must be printing out his blog regularly and passing it around as if it were a prospectus:

The entire content industry is missing a unique opportunity to eliminate most content piracy and more importantly, to generate a whole lot more revenue by offering revenue sharing. If the NYTimes, to use them an example, were to offer 50 pct of the revenue generated from traffic delivered by affiliated websites, not a single website with half a clue would steal your content. Instead, every blogger, splogger and small content creator would look to find ways to link to your content and drive you traffic. Companies like LinkShare offer revenue sharing programs for product sales, why not offer the same for advertising sales?

OK, why not offer the same model for advertising sales on content? If linking to Mark’s post could line my pockets, or at least fill them up with a little loose change, wouldn’t that be a cool thing?

Surely Adsense has this up their sleeves already… Right?