Audioblog now offering Unmetered Bandwidth for Podcasters

Audioblog, which is not just for audio, announced unmetered bandwidth pricing last week.

This is a really great service for podcasters and video bloggers. Audioblog makes it easy for your visitors to consume your audio and video content by wrapping it up in a customizable player that can be embedded right into your blog content. You can record to your Audioblog account right through a web browser, or upload files you created on your own. Even cooler is the fact that you can call a special telephone number and create recordings that will be automatically posted to your blog – podcasts on the go! It's easy to use and compatible with almost all major blog platforms; we first documented how to use Audioblog on BlogHarbor back in May 2004.

So the big news here is that Audioblog is offering pricing based on unmetered bandwidth plans from at $9.95 per month with 500 MB of disk space storage. This is a fantastic value for podcasters or videocasters who were concerned about the affordability of popularity. Highly recommended, free trials are available.

Yeah, this reads like an ad. It's not, I'm just a fan and we have lots of podcasters at BlogHarbor who have been looking for something like this for a long time. They're creating podcasts but are hesitant to get serious about it out of concerns that they can't afford the cost of bandwidth of even a moderately popular podcast or video blog, and are hesitant to use one of the free file downloading services, since they understand there's probably a legitimate reason that the phrase You get what you pay for was coined. Now there's a real player out there, one that knows this space better than any other, that has a solution for them.

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