Des Walsh and the 7 Step Business Blog and Book

BbtnDes Walsh has just released his 7 Step Business Blog book and website. I got to read an advance copy and provided Des with some feedback prior to publication. I am quoted:

This excellent introduction to business blogging explains to business owners how blogs can benefit their business, and does it in plain English without getting bogged down in insider-only jargon. If your business is not blogging, then you need to read this book to find out how your competitors are already adopting blogs and blogging technologies to grow their businesses.

And I really did say that. 😉 It’s a great book for small business owners who are lookin for an answer to the question, So what is this blog thing all about anyway? If you’re already blogging, you “get it” already so you’re probably not the market for this book, but if you’re running a business, group, or organization and are not yet clear on what the benefits to blogging are, then you should probably take a look at Des’ ebook.

Des wrote an interesting post yeasterday called Why My 7 Step Business Blog Book Recommends BlogHarbor. Des says he “raised a few eyebrows among blogging colleagues by making Blogware, as provided by BlogHarbor, the recommended platform for business bloggers in the book.” Apparently, some of his colleagues felt it was curious that Des recommended BlogHarbor and not one of the other platforms that a higher proportion of the blogosphere uses… Perhaps the reason was something that Des said later in his post:

I’m also providing some bonuses with the book, including a secure, book purchasers only, section (category) on the new 7 Step Business Blog blogsite, where members will be able to get more information and leave questions.

That statement should give some clue to Des’ blogging colleagues about what makes BlogHarbor different, and yes, much better for some needs, than those other platforms. I don’t even think Des realized that not all blogging platforms offer things like:

  • multiple categories with security on a per category basis
  • customizable templates per category
  • RSS generation per category
  • secure RSS based on category security
  • multiple author support at all pricing levels

So Des can offer exclusive access to content on private categories via his blog, with a full User/Group permission model which allows him to not only provide access to restricted categories but to provide authorship privileges to any user or group. If you’re interested in reading more about this powerful security model, check out some of our help pages:

Or maybe it’s for none of those reasons. Des himself says it was just about the great support…

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