EarthLink Dropping 9 of 10 email messages? Hope it’s the spam…

EarthLink Is Losing a Lot of Email: LandGator writes “Robert X. Cringely, doyen compu-columnist for PBS, reports on a hidden e-mail problem at Earthlink: They’re losing up to 9 messages out of 10, found as a result of a friend’s testing.” From the article: “He sent messages from other accounts to his Earthlink address, to his aliased Blackberry address, and to his Gmail account. For every 10 messages sent, 1-2 arrived in his Earthlink mailbox, 1-2 (not necessarily the SAME 1-2) on his Blackberry, and all 10 arrived with Gmail. Swimming upstream through Earthlink customer support, my buddy finally found a technical contact who freely acknowledged the problem. Since June, he was told, Earthlink’s mail system has been so overloaded that some users have been missing up to 90 percent of their incoming e-mail. It isn’t bounced back to senders; it just disappears. And Earthlink hasn’t mentioned the problem to these affected customers unless they complain.”

Wow… Can you imagine if you were losing 90% of your email and didn’t know it?

On the other hand, Postini announced Wednesday that 93% of all email transmitted over the Internet is spam. So if Earthlink is actually dropping the right 9 out of 10 messages, then maybe they’re doing their customers a favor. 😉

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