Everything worth doing is difficult to do well

Stowe Boyd wrote the following when some people responded to criticism of a conference by saying that the organizers “tried really, really hard”:

Everything worth doing is difficult to do well. Conferences, playing the bongos, tap dancing, sex, whatever. Developing software is hard. Should we start buying bad music because the performers tried real hard? I guess I should go easier on the companies launching new Web apps, because it’s so hard to get it right?

Yoda said: Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.’

Of course I want to teach my child that without trying, there can be no accomplishment. And I want her to know that the journey can be more important that the destination. And I want her to understand that even if she fails to accomplish an objective or reach a goal, if she gave her best she should be proud.

But if your product or service has problems, don’t expect your customers to buy from you because you tried really hard. Business is not about trying. It is all about results. Your customers buy your service because of the results of your efforts, not because of the fact that you made an effort.