Zoli Chronicles His Move to PressHarbor

ZolimugZoli chronicled his move to PressHarbor yesterday in My Move from Blogware to WordPress. Lots of great info for anyone considering moving from BlogHarbor or any other Blogware-based service to WordPress in general or PressHarbor in particular. An excerpt:

Now, since I’ve talked so much about why I left [for] WordPress, I’m sure you expect a description of the actual migration process. I’m afraid I’ll disappoint: the migration was a non-event. I made the call, and two days later my blog was up an running on WordPress. Old posts, comments, trackbacks, pictures – Pressharbor took care of it. My main concern was not to lose links, trackbacks to old posts: while Blogware had their own cryptic permalink structure, on WordPress I am using the SEO-friendly title-based permalink formula. Pressharbor set up 301 redirects for every single of my old posts, and in a few days I saw Google reindex all and point to the new permalinks.

A great read for anyone considering a move to our new PressHarbor platform.