Rajesh releases Personal Branding for Technology Professionals

Bc CoverMaybe the greatest benefit I get from running BlogHarbor is that we have such great customers and I have the privelege of meeting with them from time to time. Rajesh Setty is a passionate, intelligent, generous, insightful, and inspirational man who started blogging with us just prior to the release of his book Life Beyond Code. I had the opportunity to meet Rajesh for lunch on a gorgeous afternoon during the fall ISPCon show last year, and learned a lot from him in a very short time.

Rajesh has just released a free 40-page eBook called Personal Branding for Technology Professionals, the subtitle of which is Distinguish Yourself and Thrive!. This book, not only free but released under a Creative Commons license, outlines the 12 personal branding challenges which might be preventing you from developing your personal brand in this increasingly competitive industry. I was struck by this passage in the book:

…I still remember that date. On February 14th, I started blogging at Life Beyond Code. John Keegan at BlogHarbor helped set up the blog, and he continues to provide me with all the support on the technology-front related to the blog, so that I can just focus on my writing.

Thanks for reminding me what a blessing it is to be involved in a business that can have such positive influences on people’s lives. I looked it up, yes it was February 14, 2005…

Read this book!