Blog Business Summit coming in October

The Blog Business Summit looks like it’s going to be a great conference:

Business Blogging gurus like Robert Scoble, Matt Mullenweg, Jason Calacanis, Mary Hodder, Buzz Bruggeman, Maryam Scoble, Janet Johnson, Steve Broback, John Furrier, and DL Byron have already said they’re available to take the podium during this year’s event, and many more experts will be joining us onstage during the three-day confab.

If you’re a business who wants to start blogging, but needs some help from the experts to get up to speed on what blogging can do for your business, the Full Day Pre-Conference Workshop on October 25 will cover Essentials of Business Blogging, Podcasting and Videoblogging:

New to blogging or the podcasting phenomenon? Need to get up to speed quickly? This full day immersion will give you all the details you need to take full advantage of the conference (or to go back to the office knowing what moves to make in these critical arenas.)

The conference itself runs October 26-27 and is set to cover these topics:

  • Corporate Blogging Policy
  • Blogger Engagement: Getting Past “Pitching”
  • Blogosphere/Buzz Monitoring
  • Tools and Trends: What’s Next for Bloggers?
  • Generating Traffic and Links
  • Video Blogging
  • SEO Strategies for Bloggers
  • Audience Measurement: Quantifying and Qualifying

Should be an interesting event. I personally can not attend, so I am hoping that they will record some of these sessions as audio or video files…