PressHarbor Comes Alive

If you’re reading this post, then you know that 2 things are now true:

  1. This blog has now been migrated to WordPress from our BlogHarbor platform.
  2. PressHarbor is alive.

The second point is the most exciting. We’ve been working on building a new platform for WordPress blog hosting that offers:

  • WordPress preinstalled
  • Automatic updates of WordPress to the latest version

PressHarbor will also offer such features as Pro-blogger level Akismet spam protection included, which would normally cost $55/year if you purchased your own Akismet pro-blogger key. We’ve also been able to solve some key migration issues for our BlogHarbor and other Blogware users who want to move to WordPress, such as preservation and redirection of your current links to preserve and enhance your Google ranking, not to mention making the transition easier as your readers’ bookmarks will continue to function, redirecting them seamlessly to the new location of your pages. A lot of what we’ve learned will help us migrate any user from other blog platforms to our PressHarbor WordPress service, including and especially Typepad and MovableType bloggers.

So I am the guinea pig – somebody had to go first. And I do have to say, the transition was quite smooth… All of the original articles, comments, and trackbacks were migrated, and their URLs redirect cleanly to the new URLs with the right codes to let Google know that the new location is permanent…

Looking good so far here on July 1. PressHarbor is getting set to sail.