Jason Calacanis Has a Tiny Little Blog – With 10K Readers a Day

Now I love reading Jason Calacanis, but this post where he makes the statement:

Now, the fact that I’ve had a top story *twice* in two weeks with my tiny little 10,000 person a day blog speaks volumes for the power of TechMeme. The fact that folks who you’ve never heard of before TechMeme get the top slot 10x more than I do is EVEN MORE TELLING.

really cracks me up. You have a blog with 10,000 people reading it daily and you really think you can call that a “tiny little” blog? That is so out of touch, or I am really missing the satire (quite possible). 10,000 daily readers would have to put you in the Top 1% of all blogs in the so-called blogosphere, a fact which Jason surely is aware of, so don’t for a minute fall into the trap of believing that 10K daily readers makes for a tiny, little blog.

If you’re a blogger with a tenth of that volume, 1K readers a day say, you have a very large audience. For a blog, that is. The vast majority of your peers have a fraction of that audience.