Mike Arrington Forgot about BlogWorld Expo?

I am sitting here in room S219 at BlogWorld Expo and was expecting to see Om Malik (www.gigaom.com), Mike Arrington (www.techcrunch.com), and Leo LaPorte (leoville.com) talk about The Cult of Blogging but Om Malik “couldn’t make it” and Mike Arrington “forgot all about” BlogWorld Expo.

So now we are listening to Leo interview iJustine while interjecting with stories about when he was using The Well and lynx and gopher. Yawn.

If I had Dave Winer’s chutzpah I would stand up and call bullshit on this.

Update: Om Mailik had a bad back, and Mike Arrington said he “never agreed to attend the conference“, although he apparently did agree to attend as long as Blogworld paid his airfare and hotel but some signals apparently got crossed later on, according convention organizer Rick Calvert. Arringon says in his blog post “the first I heard about the event was early this week” but Calvert shows emails from Arrington confirming he will attend… Gotta love it!